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News M2 Engineering consultant for touring artworks structures

“To inaugurate the B – Jesus art project.”

On the occasion of the realisation of the artistic project B- JESUS, conceived and curated by Guillelmo Mariotto, and realised under the patronage of the MUNICIPALITY OF ROME, this year M2 Ingegneria becomes a consultant for structures of itinerant works of art.

In collaboration with artist and sculptor Pellegrino Cuciniello, we worked on the creation of a triangular mesh structure. 19.52 m long, 14 m wide and 2 m high, the construction reproduces the shape of the Italian Peninsula and is made entirely of construction scaffolding joints and uprights.

The structure was used to support 250 triangles of porcelain stoneware slabs, produced by the Iris Ceramica Group. On these were placed sculptures by numerous artists from all over Italy. Jewellers, sculptors, music composers, designers and stylists have tried their hand at creating the works on display in B-Jesus.

The spirit within the projects of the various professional and artistic figures embodies the very purpose of the exhibited works: to spread a sense of belonging to a single community. Major artists and children, technicians and designers took part in the realisation of this important art project, confronting each other through an intense and profound dialogue.

The project involves travelling works of art, on display for the entire year. During the pilgrimage across the Peninsula, there will be an opportunity to welcome the creations of all those who wish to participate in the project. Various companies have provided their means and skills to enable the realisation of the B – Jesus project, such as M2 Ingegneria for the structure or Acea for the special effects and lighting.

Many professionals have made and will continue to make their skills available, through a collaboration that will integrate the various areas of work in order to achieve the final objective: that of enhancing creativity, spreading the beauty of artistic expression, achieving inclusion and supporting the international non-profit association Save the Children.

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