M2 Ingegneria





Design of structural solutions in steel, concrete, wood and masonry for public and private buildings, industrial buildings and infrastructure. Optimisation and integration of structure and technical plant requirements.

Our main services offered in the structural field:

  • Design of steel structures: executive design analysis, numerical models, calculation reports, verifications for roofs, infrastructures, industrial plants, civil dwellings, public buildings, etc.
  • Design of reinforced concrete structures: executive and construction design in civil, industrial and private design.
  • Design of timber structures: numerical modelling, calculation, structural and executive design for roofs, private homes, renovation of historic buildings, etc.
  • Design of reinforced masonry structures for private homes
  • Mixed structure design: public, industrial and private buildings
  • Seismic design for new constructions
  • Seismic consolidation and adaptation works
  • Statistical evaluation and control of structural elements
  • Optimisation of structural design


Design of mechanical, electrical and thermal installations for residential, civil and industrial use. Design from scratch, renovation and expansion of existing, obsolete installations and adaptation according to current standards. The design of installations is carried out according to the customer’s needs, each time choosing the most efficient solutions.

Our design activities in Revamping processes for industrial plants:

  • HVAC design: The design of the system is based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Ventilation provides high indoor air quality, temperature and humidity control, oxygen supply and removal of odours, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide and other gases present in enclosed spaces.
  • AHU design: Specific equipment for indoor air treatment.
  • A/C Design: Air conditioning of environments (residential, commercial and industrial).
  • Skid Design: Modular and autonomous systems, built for the purpose of assisting the operation of more complex industrial plants.
  • Process Piping Design: Process piping used to transport materials used in industrial processes and production. Chemical production plants use process piping to transport components of their products along with materials such as natural gas used in production. Process piping connects with tanks, holding tanks and other containers designed to release or retain materials transported in the piping.
  • Fire Fighting Design: The set of technical elements of the building system whose function is to prevent, eliminate, limit or signal fires.
  • Electrical system design: Design of the set of coordinated components of an electrical system.