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Reality capture REALITY CAPTURE


Reality Capture

Through the use of point clouds obtained with the FARO laser scanner and Matterport/Leica photogrammetry, it is possible to acquire architectural details and complex geometries with high precision in a short time.

The point cloud obtained during the survey phase allows not only the objective and precise restitution of ortho-photos and reconstructions, through the use of BIM, of façades and/or entire buildings, but also allows internal surveys and wall partitions without incurring errors in graphic restitution and/or subjective interpretation by the designer.

Our business unit DISEGNO DIGITALE was created to manage activities and the best technical services to support careful, fast and controlled design through the use of innovative technological supports. Laser scanners, drones, augmented reality are some of the services that Disegno Digitale uses to support a design capable of offering the customer quality, precision, speed and a degree of technical detail that cannot be achieved with the classic tools historically used in the design field.


Digital Twin

A ‘digital twin’ is a virtual representation of a product or asset in the real world. You can use a digital twin for almost anything, from virtual staging of a building to simulating new configurations of an existing artefact. One of the most common uses of a digital twin is to help designers from different disciplines coordinate in a single environment.

Digital twins can help you increase the productivity of a production line or reduce the consumption of a building.

It all starts with a simple analysis and compilation of a data set.

Once the data set is refined, the digital twin process can begin.

The digital twin represents reality and can simulate a change so that it can be con-validated before the actual event.

This allows the team to plan, coordinate and optimise the workflow and improve the return on investment.

Their raison d’être is to simulate events before they occur, thus minimising risks and avoiding errors.

It all starts with analysis from its digital twin.

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