Construction supervision Management and coordination of the works in the design phase. Verification and control of the execution of the work in compliance with the project in all its parts. Security Safety coordination in the design and execution phases. Assessment of risk factors due to work processes and drafting of specific documentation. Planning and implementation

  STRUCTURE DESIGN     Design of structural solutions in steel, concrete, wood and masonry for public and private buildings, industrial buildings and infrastructure. Optimisation and integration of structure and technical plant requirements. Our main services offered in the structural field: Design of steel structures: executive design analysis, numerical models, calculation reports, verifications for roofs, infrastructures,

The History Valente Pali represents not only a company, it is also a story that began in 1955 with its founder Pietro Valente. An all-Italian story in which a young farmer, who later became an entrepreneur, to meet the needs of his family's crops, began producing the first concrete poles using the

This year (2017) in Italy for the first time the ESBG (European Straw Bale Gathering) will take place in Venice, Italy, and M2 Ingegneria will not only be an exhibitor but also an organiser. In straw, you read that right. In the field of sustainability, this ancient and revisited technique is

Organisation is our main asset! On Friday 19.05.2017, the whole of M2 Engineering (Latina and Padua) gathered for a general meeting. Not the usual chit-chat, not the usual schemes, no goals or strategies were discussed, we started to build them together. Taking our cue from highly successful, worldwide examples (Kaizen), in our