``History only exists if someone tells it.``
Tiziano Terzani
Place of Employment
Years of experience


Giuseppe Marafini founded the technical office Tecno Service s.a.s. in Latina. Concentrating his activity on structural calculations with particular satisfaction in the field of steel construction.


Giuseppe Marafini transformed Tecno Service into MGF servizi di ingegneria s.a.s., expanding the company’s portfolio with high-profile clients in the telecommunications (TLC) sector such as Vodafo-ne and TIM.


Giuseppe and Francesco Marafini founded M2 Ingegneria S.r.l. in Latina, expanding both the cli-ent base and the type of services offered and starting a close collaboration with chemi-cal/pharmaceutical companies in the Pontine area.


Together with Enrico d’Angelo, the Padua office was opened, which not only gave a considerable boost in terms of purely technical skills, but also broadened the company’s reference market, leading it to collaborations in Europe and around the world.


Pierpaolo Secola and Francesco Marafini founded Disegno Digitale Srl (now part of M2I), a com-pany dedicated to Reality Capture and in general to VR and AR applications through the use of laser scanning and photogrammetry systems.


M2 Ingegneria S.r.l. makes a change in its articles of association and in addition to being an En-gineering Company it also becomes a General Contractor for small and medium energy efficiency works and for the construction and renovation of steel structures mainly in the residential sector.


In view of the increasing acquisition of orders related to PNRR Italy and the strong links with in-ternational partners for the project development of infrastructures in Northern Europe M2I opens a Hub in Brussels.